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IS3 is a provider of innovative and intelligent information technology Solutions, Services and Staffing programs that are completely focused on client success by delivering quality and value through a consultative partner based approach.
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iS3 recognizes the criticality of diversity in staffing to improving the success of your organization. We offer various programs to foster diversity throughout all aspects of your workplace environment. Our recruiters understand the importance of diversity initiatives and seek candidates not only with the appropriate skills and experience but look beyond that for diversity in areas such as depth and quality of the person.


Often a single supply channel is insufficient to meet the needs of companies with aggressive diversity objectives.  Sourcing and recruiting highly-qualified candidates for large diversity initiatives can be a daunting challenge.  iS3 utilizes multiple channels to identify and secure highly-qualified diversity candidate, providing clients with a reliable source for talent from a single provider.


Under current conditions, many IT skills are in high demand and the supply of qualified workers is limited.  iS3 provides a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing that creates American jobs and empowers American workers.


iS3 is a registered and certified Minority Business Enterprise with the abilities, expertise and proven experience to provide you with intelligent diversity solutions and services.



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